A Giving Tree: Welcome Message from Anna & Chanda


Most of the books we’ve read lately have few pages, lots of colorful pictures and are intended for those small, crazy people that live in our houses. As the days get swallowed up by adding to, preparing for and sticking to “the schedule,” there’s not much time to read for ourselves. But at bedtime (where time seems infinite), we usually try to read a book or two to our kids. And while these works are usually short in length, they are not short on sound life advice and profound meaning.

Don’t be a Mine-o-saur. Kindness Counts. Have You Filled A Bucket Today? These are just a few of our favorites. The all-time champion for both of us though, and I’m sure many would agree, is The Giving Tree. Hands down, no contest. A true tale of unconditional love.

As angry as we get at the boy in this story, and as much as we want to be the tree, we’re not. Being a parent or caring for a loved one in need can give us a glimpse of the exhausting yet fulfilling experience of being the tree. But at heart, most of us are still just small, vulnerable children looking out at the world with wonder, hoping to find a branch to swing on.

While none of us are likely to ever be as singularly selfless as the tree, we have so much to offer each other. And this is our goal with Live Pretty Zen: to build a COMMUNITY that educates and inspires each other for our collective health and well-being – mind, body and soul. So …

When you feel called to eat healthier, we hope you will find a recipe or inspiration in our NUTRITION section.

Come eat our apples.

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Come climb our trunk and swing from our branches.

And when the world gets to be too much, visit our MINDFULNESS page for helpful articles and guided recordings.

Come, sit down and rest.

If all of this sounds good to you, try our DAILY CHALLENGE which offers ideas each day for being mindful, being active, eating nutritiously or helping to build community.

This past winter, Anna was fortunate enough to go on a yoga and mindfulness retreat in Costa Rica with her dad. At the eco-resort where they stayed, she noticed a copy of The Giving Tree tucked on a shelf in the common space. There was a pen attached with a piece of string. This was their guestbook, offering all of the souls passing through a place to record their names and be a part of the story.

After all, we are a local and global community. That is why we’re also offering much of our content EN ESPAÑOL. We are here to be Giving Trees to each other. Thank you for joining us on this journey and for being a part of our shared story.


Anna & Chanda