Yoga Means to Unite


Now we know everyone loves a good love story … and this one includes yoga, so we couldn’t resist sharing. Yoga means to unite. In class we say that we’re uniting breath with movement or uniting the mind with the body. Erin and Alan took it a step further. Check out their story.

PZ: How did you guys meet?

Erin: We met in a yoga class at my friend Emily’s studio Breathe Yoga (in Shreveport, LA).

Alan: After a couple of months, Emily set us up and I asked her out after yoga class.

PZ: How did you guys get into yoga?

Erin: My sister invited me to go to a yoga class and that was where it started. I had just broken up with someone, and I took it a little hard. My sister was trying to take my mind off of it, and then from there I got really into it because I found a peace and was able to breathe and stretch. My first class was a little hard. I had a lot of trouble with down dog, thought I was going to die, pretty much collapsed during chaturanga and wondered how can anyone do this. Savasana felt so good that I kept coming back to get to that point.

Alan: I signed up for a triathlon with a buddy of mine whose wife taught yoga in the back of her house. I heard it has to do with stretching, which is good to do when you’re exercising. So he and I would go on runs or bike rides and then go sweat in the back of her class and stink it up.


PZ: What does yoga do for you individually?

Erin: It helps me find a lot of inner peace. At the same time, it’s great to have something to go to when maybe things feel out of whack. I’ll always have the breath, movements and the stretches to come back to to give me that center and firm foundation. And it’s fun to try new postures and find my new strength.

Alan: I used to think it was neat after yoga to go home and play guitar because it helped me find my inner Jimi Hendrix. I also sleep better and wake up the next day and actually care about work.

PZ: What does yoga do for your relationship?

Erin:  Well, we wouldn’t be married if we didn’t have yoga.

PZ: What is your best yoga memory as a couple?

Erin:  When we took the couple’s yoga class about two months into dating and we had to sit in a cross-legged posture, touch knee to knee, lean in until our foreheads were touching and look at each other. I opened my eyes and Alan gave me a huge smile and it made me laugh. I knew he was a cool dude for actually coming with me.

PZ: What are some of your favorite poses?

Erin: Crescent lunge (was always the most challenging and now I find myself teaching it in every class), modified shoulder stand and legs up the wall.

Alan: Child’s pose and shoulder stand.

PZ: Do you have any advice for other couples who may want to start doing yoga together?

Erin & Alan: Don’t feel any pressure with doing yoga. It is definitely a positive experience that anyone can have, but it should not be anything forced upon a couple. I think it’s something that you can practice individually, and then when you do get to experience yoga together, you embrace it fully and love it in the moment – like any practice you don’t dwell on the past, you don’t anticipate the future, you just embrace the present.