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Wisdom 2.0 Mindfulness in America Summit 2018, NYC

What happens when your best friend sends you a text that says, “Wow, if I could put together my dream conference – this would be it,” with a link for the Wisdom 2.0 Mindfulness in America Summit? You end up in Manhattan three months later geeking out on the third row, center because you got there first thing in the morning and waited outside until the doors opened. We saw some other folks in New York doing the same thing – they were waiting for Bruce Springsteen tickets. We were waiting to see the individuals who have dedicated their lives to mindfulness as a means to save themselves, along with the rest of the world. They are our Springsteen.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Anderson Cooper, Gisele Bündchen, Dr. Mark Hyman, Congressman Tim Ryan and Arianna Huffington, just to name a few of the presenters. Inspiring doesn’t begin to cover it, not to mention all of the connections we made with the amazing organizers, sponsors and attendees. Life-changing is not too strong of a descriptor here.

We are still processing it all but couldn’t wait to start sharing some of the insights we garnered from these titans of mindful living. So, for the month of November (when gratitude is at the center of our hearts), we are going to post a quote each day from these amazing people. Stay tuned to our Instagram @LivePrettyZen.

Also, check out these cool events that we got to participate in as part of the conference … plus some yoga we found on our own (of course)!

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Tibet House Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

High Line Walk

Be Time Mobile Meditation Bus

Y7 Studio Hip Hop Vinyasa

NYC events 2.jpg

If any of this sounds up your alley, check out upcoming Wisdom 2.0 events in Hawaii and San Fransisco!